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Institutional Member Services


CCUFSA Executive offers these specialized programs to institutional members only.

Visiting Directors Evaluation (VDE)

The VDE is available to all institutional members from any region in Canada with the purpose of an unbiased peer review of their respective operations.

Institutions requesting a VDE will receive a written evaluation, with recommendations, following the visit.

What sort of things can be evaluated?

The visiting directors will evaluate all aspects of the client’s food operation, from marketing plans to financial procedures and everything in between.  The complexity of the member’s institution and the member’s particular situation will dictate the nature of the evaluation.  You tell us what is needed and we will help.

What does a VDE cost?

The VDE is a service of CCUFSA and is available to institutional members free of charge.  We ask only that members cover travel (if necessary), disbursements and other directly associated costs.  A complete accounting of expenses is provided.

Who does the evaluation?

Once the nature of the request is understood, CCUFSA will assigne the most appropriate available director(s).  Typically, depending on the size of the school and the nature of the request, we recommend a team of at least two (2).  Members requesting a VDE are able to request specific individual directors.

Visiting Dietitians Assessment (VDA)

Looking to have the expertise of Campus Registered Dietitians for assistance or an assessment of your operations?  We’re excited to annouce that CCUFSA is now offering a new service for institutional members – the VDA!

Dietititians from across Canada can visit your campus and help with any wellness-related issue or idea you might have, such as evaluating allergy management plans, staff training sessions, suggestions for nutrition & sustainability programming or recommendations for healthy menu options.


A VDA is free of charge for CCUFSA members!  Members only cover travel and directly associated costs of the visiting dietitians.



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