CCUFSA Member’s Site


Welcome to the CCUFSA Members site.

Here you have access to all the contact information for both Institutional and Associate members of the organization.

Navigate through the drop-down menus (Member Directories) in the top right corner to select the type of member you are looking for.

Associate Members are our vendors and business resources.

Co-op Purchasing Group is the CCUFSA-CPG made up of 16 self-op institutions in the country that participate in rebate programs with our food manufacturers.

Eastern, Central and Western are the institutions listed geographically.

Institutional Member Directory is an Excel document you can download for email or call purposes.  Any email list must offer the member the opportunity to unsubscribe.

The Magazine Archive is past copies of the CCUFSA Magazine.

The Presentation Library is where you will find presentations we have uploaded.

If you have questions about the Member Directories, please contact


Join & Grow With Us

CCUFSA members benefit from the opportunity to share ideas, real world experiences and build solutions with like minded colleagues, all food service professionals with a common goal.