The CCUFSA-CPG (Co-Operative Purchasing Group) is an internal National Procurement Group (under CCUFSA) consisting of 18 CCUFSA Institutional Member schools. The institutions are situated across Canada with 10 in Ontario, 3 in British Columbia, 1 in Saskatchewan , 1 in Manitoba and 2 in Quebec. All CCUFSA-CPG member schools are self-operated and not managed by a foodservice contract company. The primary goal of the group is to secure rebate programs directly with manufacturers, through their volume purchases, for various commodities and products and services that could be use by multiple schools across the country.

In order to access the CCUFSA-CPG members direct contact information – available in the members log-in area of the CCUFSA website – vendors must be Associate Members in good financial standing. Associate Membership (for vendors) with CCUFSA is an annual automatic renewal style membership, with many benefits available for those participating.

For Associate Members who enlist Brokers to manager their rebate program business, both the Broker and the Principal vendor must be Associate Members of CCUFSA. There are specific financial benefits for Brokers and their Principals at the CCUFSA Trade Show.


Full details of Associate Membership can be found on the CCUFSA website here: Become a Member

To discuss the CCUFSA-CPG programs and benefits, contact:


Mark Kenny, CSCMP
Procurement Liaision for CCUFSA
Senior Manager | Procurement, Planning & Operations
Hospitality Services
University of Guelph
iPhone: 1 (519) 400-2048

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